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Over the last few months I’ve have been testing different ways to buy bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. So far i have reviewed 3 cryptocurrencies exchanges and my advice for anyone in Australia looking to get in to Bitcoin to open an account at coinspot

These are just a few points that i really liked about this exchange.

1. I found it simple and safe to add funds to the account
2. Secure signup just like a bank would require real ID
3. Deposit funds with Poli-Pay, Bpay (less fees) or Via Australia post office
4. Easy platform to use & 100% Australian

They make the process of buying Bitcoin for Australian very simple.

Do i need a lot of money to start

No. When i first started i put $2000 in to my account but the first coin i bought i only invested $20 that money 2 weeks later was worth $86. At the end of the day invest what your comfortable with if thats only $50 worth of bitcoin or $100 of some other cryptocurrency the profit margin is the same.

How to make money by Bitcoin trading

There are a several ways to make money by trading in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.  The first method is to find the best Bitcoin trading platform that are based in Australia. When investing in cryptocurrency the same would apply with a physical currency buying low and selling high. Since Bitcoin is highly volatile, you should be able to identify the dip by studying Bitcoin research.

In my view the best place to gather your Bitcoin research is using the Australia Bitcoin Trading Platform


Like you i am also still new to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency trading. I started about a few month ago ( 3/10/17).  i started small at first then after my second trade i went to $500 at a time, this became a much better chance to buy and sell with-in a few days, so each trade i was making a profit of around $40 to $90 on my $500 investment. At this point i started to look at what a bank would have paid me!. lets just say i was not surprised. Next day i transferred $20,000 out of my bank and in to my Coinspot Account. On average i’m doing a little over 23% each week.  Remember markets go up and down so don’t hold all your money in any one cryptocurrency at a time! spread fund over the best coins first like Bitcoin, Etherium, Bitcoin Cash or Dash.

It is my belief that the above coins are still highly under valued and is a good time to buy bitcoin. Follow me here: How to Trade Bitcoins in Australia

If you would like some tips or more information i just started a facebook page so jump over and follow me for more  updates. It only just went up the other day but i have had so many people asking questions in real world that i thought i should start a page. Follow me and i promises i will start some more live chats, tip, tricks and advise on my experiences with cryptocurrency.


Thank you for taking the time to read my experiences with cryptocurrency. I wish you success on all your trades and please share your stories on my facebook page.


Yobit Experienced Traders Platform

Kind of the same platform as Hitbtc yet Yobit offers more selection of coins to invest in has a nice dashboard so your able to view all the most needed charts. Again also very simple to move bitcoin from your other trading accounts and send it to Yobit, Find take around 30 minutes to show in the account. This is not an Australian platform but if you want to move fund via bit coin you can. benefits of the Hitbtc & Yobit are your able to trade the market like a day trader.

Hitbtc Trading Bitcoins

HitBtc Experienced Traders Platform

For more experienced traders i recommend HitBtc its simple to send your money to takes around 20 to 30 minutes and your funds are ready to trade. With this platform you can set buy and sell limits, Scaled orders where it will buy from your low to the highest you want to pay hence giving you a avg price. This is not a Australian trading platform however anyone who hold bitcoin can open an account and transfer bitcoins to your HitBtc trading account